Grow bags (aka fabric pots, fabric bags) are fabric containers that offer portable solutions for cultivating various crops. If you’re living in an urban area, a shortage of garden space is a common issue. So, you might be looking for a lightweight, and portable planter option.  
The best grow bags can make you satisfied as a gardener. They allow proper aeration, portability, drainage, and space efficiency. However, if you’re a newbie gardener, it might be difficult to select the best fabric pot brand, proper size, and materials for your adorable plants.    
Don’t worry! We’ve picked top grow bags by consulting with a handful of experienced gardeners so that you can start your grow bag buying journey with ease. No matter what you’re growing, tomatoes, potatoes, or mushrooms, this guide will help you find the best fabric pots
Let’s start with the top six grow bags that we’ve selected based on their durability, reusability, gallon size options, materials, and permeability. 


6 Best Grow Bags

You can choose high-quality grow bags for cultivating different types of plants including flowers, herbs, vegetables, and houseplants. We’ve compiled a list of fabric pots that are most purchased and positively reviewed by experienced gardeners and hydroponic farmers.  
Here are the 6 best grow bags:  

  1. Best Overall: Smart Pot Handles 25 Gallons  
  2. Best Potato Grow Bags: Smart Pot 5 Gallon No Handle Case 50/Case 
  3. Budget-Friendly: Dirt Pot 30 Gal Handles Grey 
  4. Best Grow Bag for Tomatoes: Gro Pro Essential Fabric 20 Gallon Handles 
  5. Best for Aeration and Drainage: Smart Pot 45 Gallons No Handles 
  6. Best Hydroponics Grow Bag:  Smart Pot Handles 20 Gallon  

Let’s review these grow bags so that you can choose the suitable one for your farming. 


#1:  Best Overall: Smart Pot Handles 25 Gallons

This is one of the best fabric pots in terms of durability, aeration, drainage, and price. Smart Pot 25 gallons comes with handles that give you plants proper air circulation. Also, the permeable fabric of this grow bag allows excess water to drain naturally.  
You can grow almost any indoor plant in it without any trouble. This fabric-made bag is lightweight, weather-resistant, foldable, and breathable. You can easily grow vegetables like tomato plants, potatoes, lime trees, herbs, and aquatic plants.  
That’s not all! The reusability feature allows you to wash and reuse this grow bag multiple times. So, this clearly makes it worth investing in.   

  • Suitable for all season  
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings 
  • You can use it in hydroponic systems (e.g., drip systems)  
  • Lightweight and easily movable  
  • comes with sturdy and durable handles. 


  • Expensive Option: Might seem expensive to gardeners with a strict budget. However, you’ll get a high-quality fabric bag that will last for several years.  

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#2: Best Potato Grow Bags: Smart Pot 5 Gallon No Handle Case 50/Case


You can grow your own potatoes at home with these potato grow bags. As a general rule, growing each potato plant needs 2.5 gallons. So, you can easily plant 2 potatoes in this 5 gallon size (12-inch diameter x 9.5-inch height) capacity fabric bag.  
Besides, these grow bags offer enhanced root aeration and an optimal drainage system. So, your plants will experience the freedom to expand their roots without restriction and develop healthy root systems.  
If you’re a commercial grower, these affordable, durable, and reusable 50-piece fabric pots can be the perfect option for your farm.  

  • Suitable for commercial tree growers  
  • Made with high-quality fabric 
  • You can ensure repeated use for years to come.  
  • Affordable price  


  • No Handles: These grow bags don’t come with handles which can make it difficult to move planters.     

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#3: Budget-Friendly: Dirt Pot 30 Gal Handles Grey

The Dirt Pot 30 Gal Handles Grey fabric bag is suitable for outdoor and hydroponic cultivation. These grow bags are known for their versatility and affordability.  
These low-cost 30 gal portable planters are made with pours and airy fabric which help in the aeration of the roots and provide a healthier growing environment. Besides, your pot plants won’t experience any root bound or root circling in these grow bags during different growth stages.  
Also, the superior drainage system of these grow bags helps avoid waterlogging. These bags seep out the excess water and ensure the water won’t pool at the base of your pot.     


  • Higher quality at a lower price 
  • Breathable fabric  
  • These bags are designed to prevent root bound. 
  • Keep plants cooler in the summer  
  • Non-degradable, so growers can use it for multiple growing seasons.  
  • Strongly attached handles make portability easier 
  • Washable and durable 
  • BPA-free; Made from 100% recycled water bottles   


  • Made from non-degradable materials which may not be a sustainable option.  

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#4: Best Grow Bag for Tomatoes: Gro Pro Essential Fabric 20 Gallon Handles

The Gro Pro Essential fabric 20-gallon size grow bag is an excellent choice for cultivating tomato plants. These fabric planters provide many benefits to small to medium-sized plants which include improved airflow, root pruning, effective drainage, and temperature regulations.  
These round-shaped planters are made with high-quality nonwoven fabric materials. This fabric ensures sufficient air to travel into the root system. Also, it stimulates faster plant growth through better access to oxygen. Also, the fabrics prevent the overwatering of plants.  
In essence, these cloth bags are designed to provide optimal conditions for plants like tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, and houseplants. You can purchase one of the Gro Pro Essential grow bags and plant a seed to see the result for yourself. Who knows, it might persuade you that it's one of the best tomato grow bags! 

  • Breathable fabric  
  • Suitable size and fabric for tomato plants  
  • Round-shaped pot won’t trap water, so growers may not need to use trays.  
  • Washable and reusable for many years to come 
  • No root binding.  
  • Increased yield by 10 to 20% 


  • More frequent watering might be required for pours grow bag like it.  

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#5: Best for Aeration and Drainage: Smart Pot 45 Gallons No Handles


Smart pots 45-gallon grow bags are an ideal choice for your container gardening. It is made of non-woven fabric materials that provide aerated soil to the plants. Besides, like other common grow bags, it promotes a healthy root system by preventing root circling and encouraging the growth of fibrous roots.  
Also, these fabric pots have better drainage systems than traditional plastic containers. So the excess water can easily escape and plants can avoid the attack of bacteria, mold, and other diseases.  Another good thing about these cloth bags is they allow plant roots and beneficial bacteria to breathe by providing essential oxygen.    

  • In the hot summer, these bags can release excess heat to protect roots 
  • Weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and extremely durable  
  • Efficient aeration and drainage system  


  • Cost: These grow bags may seem more expensive than traditional pots 

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#6: Best Hydroponic Grow Bag:  Smart Pot Handles 20 Gallon

If you’re growing plants with a hydroponic growing medium, this smart pot handles 20-gallon grow bag can completely change your garden. Many growers have used this grow bag with hydroponic media and experience increased oxygen intake to the root system which eventually encourages unstoppable plant growth.  
Besides, using smart pots, you can have better control of pH and nutrient deficiencies. Also, these smart pots are sturdy heavy-duty pots and great for growing vegies with both soilless media and potted soil.  
Furthermore, many gardeners and hobbyists consider these fabric bags as one of the best for growing tomatoes and potatoes. In addition, many of them use it instead of garden beds.  

  • Super easy to use  
  • Easy to transport or relocate  
  • Can work more effectively with hydroponic media 
  • Increased yields  
  • The tan color of this grow bag satisfies many gardeners     


  • The 20 gallon smart pots when filled with soil can be quite heavy. But handles may not be as durable as the rest of the pots.  
  • These fabric pots tend to be more expensive than traditional plastic or clay pots. 

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Of note, gardeners should know the sustainability of plastic-made “nonwoven fabric grow bags”, and “natural fiber grow bags”. However, if you’re in doubt regarding the use of grow bags vs plastic pots, know that grow bags are not environmentally harmful if they are made from natural fiber or biodegradable materials.


What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Grow Bags

To purchase the top-quality grow bag for your garden, there are several factors you should keep in mind. These are materials, size, portability, drainage, aeration, durability, UV resistance, and price. Let’s discuss these factors in detail.  


Not every material is equal. Some are better for holding moisture while others can prevent root bound. When it comes to choosing a grow bag, you should learn about the fabric or materials of the bag. Some common materials include nonwoven fabric, plastic, polypropylene, or burlap. In the end, always do some research about optimal conditions your plant needs and buy grow bags accordingly.   


Size matters for growing plants in a pot. The size of grow bags depends on the type of plant you want to grow and available space. 10-25 gallon sizes are suitable for plants like tomatoes, and peppers. Besides, smaller grow bags (3-5 gallon size) are ideal for growing lettuce, radishes, and other herbs. Besides, gardeners can grow larger plants and fruits in some large-sized grow bags. Always consider the mature size of your plants and select grow bags that accommodate their growth.   


To choose a better fabric bag, also consider how convenient it is to move or transport. If you’re thinking of relocating the plants, look for grow bags that are made with lightweight materials. However, typically fabric bags are not heavy and easy to carry. But when they are filled with soil, they can be too heavy to carry. So always choose fabric bags with strong handles or straps.  


Overwatering or waterlogging can hurt your beautiful plants. So, always consider grow bags that are made with permeable fabric. This fabric can provide a better drainage system by seeping out the excess water from plants’ roots. Also, look for grow bags with drainage holes or features that prevent water from accumulating at the bottom. Remember soggy soil can lead to root rot and other health issues.  


A durable grow bag can last for multiple growing seasons. For instance, a biodegradable grow bag made from jute plants can last for more than 5 years. In the case of nonwoven fabric, you can wash and reuse them for 7 to 8 growing seasons. Also, This fabric makes heavy-duty grow bags with strong handles, so you can move bags full of soil with ease. Also, home growers should look for reinforced stitching, UV resistance, and tear-resistant materials.  


When selecting a grow bag for your garden, price comparison can help you to win the best deal. Compare the price in terms of reputed brand and quality of the grow bag. Also, read reviews from the customers before purchasing fabric bags. It’s always better to look for the most suitable grow bags that are within your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some queries that are asked by our reputed customers regarding grow bags.  

Are grow bags better than plastic pots?

In short, yes. Grow bags are better than plastic-made pots in many aspects. Grow bags can provide better drainage, aeration, temperature regulation, mobility, and healthy root development compared to plastic pots. Besides, using grow bags is a more sustainable gardening practice than using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Polypropylenes (plastic pots). 

What is the best size grow bag for tomatoes?

You can grow tomatoes in medium-sized grow bags. However, you should look for at least 15 gallon size grow bags to avoid stunting and getting a reduced harvest. Generally, 15 to 25 gallon size grow bags are the most suitable for growing tomatoes.  

What are mushroom grow bags?

Best mushroom grow bags are made with polypropylene. It’s a durable thermoplastic. It can withstand high pressure and temperature of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. So, growers should look for mushroom grow bags that are made with autoclavable materials. Autoclave mushroom bags are designed to get more control over the preparation process.  

Bottom Line

Best grow bags refers to the top-rated and most effective plant containers that are made with fabric. The 6 top-quality grow bags we’ve discussed so far can meet your gardening needs. However, before purchasing fabric bags, gardeners should not only look for quality but also sustainability to ensure better environmental practices.