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Hydroponic Research: Veg+Bloom, PHLO PH Down+, SHINE Bloom, STAX, +LIFE Probiotic, PUSH Foliar Spray


Welcome to Hydroponic Research, where cultivation meets innovation. As pioneers in the hydroponics industry, we've been growing with a commitment to excellence since our inception. Our roots are deeply embedded in the pursuit of the most potent and perfect flowers, driving us to continually break new ground in the world of hydroponic research.

At Hydroponic Research, we take your plants higher with our revolutionary products. Our flagship offering, Veg+bloom, revolutionized the industry by introducing the original one-part powder, simplifying the cultivation process. For a decade, our powder-based nutrients have been the go-to choice for cannabis growing operations of all sizes, consistently delivering lush, potent blooms that speak for themselves.

Experience the simplicity of growth with our Simple Prep fertilizer. Say goodbye to the complexity of multi-part liquid processes – achieving more from your grow is as easy as adding water. Our high-yield nutrient formulas ensure that you get the most bloom from your base, leading to ample and aromatic plants. All our products are proudly Made In California, giving us the control to create the most dependable base available.

Chemistry is our craft. Our relentless pursuit of perfecting the growing process is driven by a passion for cultivating the best possible plant nutrients. We offer a comprehensive range of products, from the VBX Craft Powder Nutrient and Veg+bloom Powder Nutrient to PHLO PH Down+, SHINE Bloom Additive, STAX Plant Growth Powder, +LIFE Powdered Probiotic, PUSH Foliar Spray, and DOS Two-Part Stock Concentrate Powder – everything you need in one place.

Trust Hydroponic Research for a decade of expertise, simplicity in cultivation, and the science behind every particle. Elevate your growing experience with us – because at Hydroponic Research, we don't just grow; we grow up.