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Tarpline: Premium Tarp Hooks, Grippers, and Shock Cords for Safety


Welcome to tarpline, your trusted source for premium tarp and tie-down accessories since 1994. Founded by ken langtry, a seasoned builder, miner, mariner, and inventor, tarpline has been dedicated to crafting exceptional products designed to withstand the toughest environments. Our product line, ranging from innovative tarp hooks and tarp grippers to heavy duty tarp zippers and adjustable shock cords, reflects our commitment to safety, convenience, and reliability.

At tarpline, we pride ourselves on reinventing traditional products like the bungee cord, addressing safety concerns with our adjustable shock cords. Our hooks are meticulously designed with the best fiber glass reinforced nylon, ensuring there are no sharp edges for enhanced safety. The hippo swivel clip series, including the tarp weight and adjustable shock cord variants, showcases our dedication to versatility and functionality.

What sets tarpline apart is our unwavering belief that products should be not only of the highest quality but also fast, safe, and easy to use. Our adjustable shock cords, available in five popular sizes, undergo rigorous in-house testing and third-party engineering evaluations, guaranteeing durability. As a customer-centric brand, tarpline prioritizes your needs, offering specialized packaging and distribution solutions.

Choose tarpline for products that stand the test of time, providing you with the reliability and convenience you deserve.