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Marrone Bio Innovations: Transforming Agriculture with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Welcome to Marrone Bio Innovations, now part of Pro Farm Group Inc., your go-to destination for cutting-edge biologically-based crop solutions. Our merger with Bioceres Crop Solutions on July 12, 2022, has birthed the largest global portfolio of biological crop solutions, empowering growers across diverse crops and geographies.

Distinguished by our unrivaled technology, we boast a robust bio-tech portfolio featuring over 18,000 meticulously screened microorganisms and 500 patents—issued and pending. This foundation underpins our commitment to delivering innovative, farmer-focused, and field-tested solutions. At Marrone Bio Innovations, we're pioneers in creating a sustainable future through groundbreaking biopesticides.

Our expertise lies in discovering, developing, and commercializing naturally derived technologies, resulting in an industry-leading platform of pest management and plant health products. From agriculture to turf and ornamental, and water treatment applications, our solutions enable global customers to control pests, enhance plant health, and boost crop yields, all while reducing environmental impact.

Continuous innovation defines us, leading to a diverse product line, including nematicides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and plant health candidates. With a deep pipeline of advanced products, a substantial patent portfolio, and a library of 18,000+ microorganisms and plant extracts, we're at the forefront of promoting a better tomorrow with bio-based solutions.

Experience the difference with Pro Farm Group's products—crafted from screening over 18,000 microorganisms and 350 plant extracts—designed to optimize integrated pest management. Our focus extends beyond today, aiming to meet society's food and textile needs sustainably. BioUnite™ combines the power of biological products with the efficacy of chemistry in your tank mix.

Choose Marrone Bio Innovations for products that perform, period. Join us in pioneering a better tomorrow with effective, efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions for a thriving planet.