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American Hydroponics: Cultivating Green Dreams

For more than three decades, American Hydroponics has been at the forefront of the hydroponic gardening and farming industry. Pioneering the introduction of NFT farming equipment for hydroponics to the United States, they have consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions to passionate growers. Their legacy is synonymous with innovation, most notably through products like Dark Energy and Super Nova. These powerful enhancers harness the potential of amino acids, revolutionizing growth cycles by reducing them by up to two weeks. This breakthrough has redefined what's possible in hydroponic farming, all while incorporating essential hydroponic plant nutrients.

Today, American Hydroponics specializes in catering to commercial hydroponic farming needs, serving as a comprehensive hydroponics equipment supplier, including plant care supplies and equipment. Their expert consulting services guide growers in optimizing their operations. Their influence extends beyond product provision; they play an integral role in the success stories of hydroponic ventures like BetterGrow Hydro's lettuce farm, which was established in collaboration with American Hydroponics' owner, Michael Christian, in 1996.

Whether you're contemplating a hydroponic lettuce farm or seeking assistance in planning, consulting, equipment design, sales, or installation, American Hydroponics stands as your trusted partner. Their dedication to advancing hydroponic farming, along with their commitment to providing high-quality hydroponic plant nutrients and plant care supplies, continues to shape the industry's landscape, empowering growers to achieve their full potential. Experience the future of farming with American Hydroponics.