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Jump Start: Heat Mats and Germination Stations!

Jump Start, your trusted companion in cultivating vibrant and healthy plants, offers a comprehensive range of seed starting products designed to kickstart your gardening journey. Explore our Jump Start family, crafted to simplify the process of growing robust plants without sacrificing space.

Our seed starting collection includes a variety of essentials such as seedling heat mats, trays, humidity domes, media plugs, mini greenhouses, and heating cables—everything you need for a vigorous and healthy start for your seedlings and clones. Experience the enhanced performance and durability of our re-engineered seedling heat mats, featuring a stronger heating wire and thicker multi-layer construction for more uniform heating, ensuring resilience in rugged greenhouse environments.

For an efficient germination process, consider the Germination Station, offering a heatable space with a plastic top for optimal humidity control. Grow indoors or outdoors with full protection from elements, scavengers, and unfavorable temperatures. Take charge of your plant's growth with this all-in-one solution, coupled with your choice of growing media and plugs.

If you're eager to get a jump start on the growing season, explore the Hot House with Seedling Heat Mats. Benefit from temperatures 10°F-20°F above room temperature, promoting easier seed germination. The UL-listed Seedling Heat Mat provides gentle warmth, never compromising roots. The kit includes a base tray, 72-cell insert, vented dome, heat mat, and rooting enhancer—all you need for a quick and successful start to your gardening journey.

Discover the joy of indoor and outdoor gardening with Jump Start, where our commitment is to make the process fun and easy for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our products cater to your needs, ensuring a thriving and vibrant garden.