The Under Current® XXL13 Expansion Kits are great for replacing a growth module in a situation where one of the original modules has been damaged or broken in any way. These kits come with all you need to get your Under Current® XXL13 back in working order. Under Current® XXL13 Expansion Kit includes: one 13 gallon with a 40 in center blackout series per growth module, 3 in connecting joints with UC spin-tight bulkhead, growth module lid, one 8 in net pot per growth module, one Aqua-Pore air diffuser per module, and it does not include any additional air or water pumps, which may be required. Choose from 1 site, 2 site, 3 site or 4 site replacements. These items are drop ship only.

MSRP : $414.95
Save : 18.9%